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Common Foods That Stain Your Teeth

How many times have you knocked over your drink and spilled the dark liquid over your clothes, or dropped a forkful of spaghetti onto your brand new white shirt?   Too many times than you’d like to admit, right?  They cause embarrassing stains, and depending on how dark the stain is, can be a hassle to […]

Halloween Candy Buy Back

When September rolled around the corner, you were probably shocked that within the first week, plastic bats and spiders were being posted and hung in a grocery or convenience store near you.  Soon enough, the short statues of creepy witches with glowing eyes started appearing.  It wasn’t before long until bags of candy began filling […]

Winter Garden Smiles at Halloweenfest

Don’t you just love Halloween? We have all enjoyed dressing up as a ghost, clown, or even a Disney princess at one point or another for Halloween.  While in these costumes, we would frolic door-to-door, happily accepting the candy that our neighbors would offer to us. Halloween only takes place once a year, so it […]

How to Choose Your Dentist

Is it time to find a dentist? Selecting a dental care provider doesn’t have to require a long and difficult search. You should think of your dentist as a partner in your quest for long-term oral health. At our Winter Garden Dental office, we help our patients feel at ease. You can expect to receive […]

Make the Perfect Impression: Porcelain Veneers

Make the Perfect Impression: Porcelain Veneers Have you ever noticed the amount of celebrities that seem to have impeccably beautiful smiles? Trust us when we say it’s usually not a natural phenomenon. What is their secret, and how can you get the same smile? Contact Winter Garden Smiles about Porcelain veneers (also referred to as […]

Periodontal Disease & Your Health

  Periodontal Disease and Your Health Every year, more than 600,000 Americans are killed by heart disease, making it the leading cause of death in the United States. Winter Garden Smiles is proud to participate in American Heart Month, an effort to raise awareness of heart health and shrink this devastatingly large death toll. Dental […]

Sports Mouth Guard Special

Protect Your Child’s Smile This Sport Season! Winter Garden Smiles Pediatric Dentistry knows kids! They are full of energy; and playing sports is a great way for them to release that energy. Playing a sport also helps kids build teamwork skills, physical endurance, and it makes it easier for them to go to sleep at […]

Dental Tips For Kids

  Proper Children’s Dental Care You may think that starting your child’s dental care regimen will be a complicated task, but fear not; Winter Garden Smiles Family & Pediatric Dentistry makes your job easier! Instilling healthy oral habits early on in their childhood is crucial to maintaining your child’s pearly whites. If you’re not sure […]

Dental Experiences for Kids

  Are you dreading to bring your child to their first dentist visit? We’ve seen it every time we visit a dentist office and have memories of them as a child. Kicking, screaming, crying, and everything in between; the dentist is usually a feared and scary place for children. There are however, ways to prevent […]