Dental Crowns in Winter Garden, FL

Restorations that go undetected and produce breathtaking results.

What Can Dental Crowns Do?

Gain a complete smile and full function once again.

Dental crowns and bridges restore broken, damaged, or missing teeth. Many different types of dental issues warrant a crown which is a custom-made tooth cover that goes over the damaged tooth or implant. Crowns have the power to beautify a tooth’s appearance plus restore its full function.

At Winter Garden Smiles, we provide custom, natural-looking crowns for many types of issues. For example, porcelain crowns are great for teeth where veneers are insufficient to fix the tooth, root canal procedures requiring more structure, painful cracks on chewing surfaces needing repair, and more.

Dental crowns fix problems caused by:

  • Wear and tear
  • Tooth damage
  • Mouth trauma
  • Broken fillings

Get your tooth function back with a custom dental crown.

Can You Really Get a Crown in One Day?
Find out in Dr. Gil's blog below.

How Do We Fit a Crown

Simple and successful - that is our motto.
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If you have a missing, broken, or damaged tooth beyond repair, then a dental crown may be the perfect solution. Together, we’ll determine if a traditional or CEREC crown…Learn more about our same day crowns… is right for you and plan out the perfect treatment to restore your smile.

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To prepare your tooth for the custom tooth cover, we remove any decay, shape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary crown made of plastic or metal (unless you qualify for a same-day crowns). We also take impressions of your mouth to create your permanent dental crown.

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Once your custom crown is ready, we remove the temporary one (as needed) and place your final crown on the tooth or implant. We fit and adjust the tooth cover to ensure it’s comfortable and cement it into place. Enjoy your improved smile!

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Dr. Gil went out of his way to get me into the office the same day for a cracked tooth. Patched me up until my crown is ready. I'm pain-free now. Thank you, Dr. Gil!

- Ed B.

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Dental Crowns: The Benefits

Our dentists in Winter Garden, FL, use modern technology to restore your oral health.

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  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Fixes broken teeth requiring structure
  • Offers support for badly broken or misshapen teeth
  • Increases confidence; looks and feels natural
  • Improves the chewing function of teeth
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