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Demystifying Myths: Dentures

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What are dentures? A denture, or complete denture, as it is often called, is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replaces natural teeth, and provides support for the cheeks and lips.

Due to advances in technology, false teeth have been made more comfortable to wear and more natural looking. However, even with these improvements, there are still some common misconceptions and myths that can turn off anyone from the idea of purchasing affordable dentures to improve their health and well being.

Denture Myth Number One: “Once I receive my Winter Garden dentures, I’m set for life and I’ll never need to schedule another Winter Garden dentist appointment.”

On average, false teeth should be replaced every five to ten years depending on the quality of the material used to create the dentures. Like natural teeth, dentures will wear down and stain over time. Even without original teeth, tissue in the mouth and jawbones constantly change.

Shrinkage of the mouth is a common process in aging and doesn’t require new dentures but simple relining. Scheduling a Winter Garden dentist appointment at least once a year will ensure proper fitting and reduce the risk of irritation, sores, and tumors.

Denture Myth Number Two: “I won’t be able to eat certain food and won’t be able to speak properly with my false teeth.”

Though eating certain foods with new Winter Garden dentures may be discouraging at first with adjustment and practice, eating most foods is possible. Having problems talking could be a sign of inadequately fitting dentures or involve certain medications affecting saliva production. Also keep in mind that dentures have a 20 percent function compared to natural teeth. Any encountered problems can be consulted with a Winter Garden dentist.

Denture Myth Number Three: “All false teeth are put in a glass before bed or can just be brushed with toothpaste.”

Not all dentures are the same and come in various types including the options of permanent or removable. Some dentures can be secured by dental implants; but our dentist can determine the possibility of this option. With either option, it’s important for Winter Garden dentures to stay in a neutral position to maintain comfort. Regular toothpaste such as Colgate and Crest should not be used when cleaning false teeth. The paste is too abrasive and will thin out the base or teeth, causing premature wear and breakage. Be sure to ask a Winter Garden dentist for proper methods of cleaning and products to purchase to ensure longer lasting dentures.

Are you still unsure about having false teeth? Schedule an appointment with a Winter Garden dentist for consultations, examinations, and recommendations for the best option to a beautiful and healthy smile. Our dentists at Winter Garden Smiles take pride in giving all of our patients the smile they deserve.

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