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Dental Experiences for Kids

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Are you dreading to bring your child to their first dentist visit? We’ve seen it every time we visit a dentist office and have memories of them as a child. Kicking, screaming, crying, and everything in between; the dentist is usually a feared and scary place for children. There are however, ways to prevent your child from feeling this way, so they feel comfortable before visiting Winter Garden Smiles, your Winter Garden and Orlando Pediatric Dentist.

Fear of going to the dentist first starts with the parents. As a child’s most influential role model, they notice everything mom or dad perform on a daily basis—such as working, cleaning, cooking, and personal habits—and want to be just like them. If one of the parents is afraid of the dentist, chances are the child will also share the same fear. One method of using this monkey-see-monkey-do theory is allowing the child to accompany you during your visit to Winter Garden Smiles. Having your child observe the process of getting your teeth cleaned and examined will demonstrate that the dentist is not a painful or scary experience and there’s nothing to fear. 

The ADA and AAPD recommends children should experience their first dentist visit by the time they’re a year old. If the child still experiences fear years later, try talking to them prior to their upcoming appointment. Mention the benefits of having a beautiful, white smile and how regular checkups can also prevent painful cavities. Also avoid discussing your own horror stories and try to describe going to the dentist as a fun experience. If you’re still having problems, try using aids such as children’s books and even YouTube videos and apps.

Even small incentives such as a toy or a special treat (healthy of course!) after a good dentist visit will eliminate a child’s fear. At our Orlando pediatric dentistry, we have a No Cavity Club children join when they have no cavities during a visit and are entered into a raffle to win prizes.

Winter Garden Smiles strives to make every patient’s visit, young or old, a happy one. Start your child’s teeth off right by scheduling an appointment by visiting our website or calling us at 407-614-5955.

Winter Garden Smiles Family & Pediatric Dentist serves Orlando, Ocoee, Apopka, Clermont, Windermere, Minneola FL and all of Central Florida with gentle, affordable, dental care on the same-day, or by appointment. We work with several different insurance companies; click this link to find your provider. Regain that beautiful smile today! Contact our office for an appointment at 407-614-5955. 

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