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Dental Braces Regression: Caution For Young Adults

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Dental Braces Regression: Caution for Young Adults

Young adults, whether first-time brace wearers or those who had been forced to wear dental braces during their childhood or teenage years, and who had already managed to have them removed, need to be vigilant and watch out for any hint of regression.

In a nutshell, teeth that are undergoing regression are those that were initially placed back into alignment through the use of braces, but which have become misaligned again. The sad truth about regression is that those experiencing it have no choice but to have braces installed again – either that, or put up with crooked teeth and a correspondingly lopsided smile for the rest of their lives.

Those who do experience regression need not fret, however; the dentists at Winter Garden Smiles, your Winter Garden and Orlando area dentist, can offer state-of-the-art, dental solutions that can help them enjoy straight teeth again.

The very mention of the word ‘braces’ can make many a former ‘metalmouth’ shudder, and that should come as no surprise given how disfiguring and painful metal braces are. But having braces installed nowadays is a process very far removed from the excruciating, time-consuming process it used to be. In places like Winter Garden, Invisalign – breakthrough technology helps straighten teeth using clear and practically invisible aligners that are custom-molded to fit one’s mouth and which can be removed during meals and while brushing – is a viable and effective alternative to metal braces for first-time brace wearers.

Quite a few Invisalign reviews are positive, and no wonder; its advantages over wire and bracket braces are manifold: completely invisible, removable during meals, with less potential side effects on gums, and far more comfortable. In addition, Windermere Invisalign specialists and Ocoee Invisalign experts alike, including those at Winter Garden Smiles, have found it to be extremely effective, as Invisalign before and after comparisons have shown.

While the modern process is far more comfortable and faster than the older procedure it replaces, it can involve a certain expense and can also take a little time to install. Moreover, the teeth of those who wear braces, even advanced Invisalign braces, can suffer regression if these patients don’t watch out. It’s therefore in the best interest of young adults to ensure that they wear their braces and appliances as directed by their dentists and orthodontic specialists in order to stave off any chance of regression and enjoy perfect smiles for the rest of their lives.

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