Preparing Your Child for Their Nitrous Appointment

We want your child’s nitrous oxide appointment to be a positive experience. For this reason, we have a few guidelines that we ask you to follow.

  • We ask that they do not have anything to eat or drink 2 hours prior to their appointment.
  • No siblings or younger children in the room during treatment appointments.
  • 1 adult will be allowed in the room during your child’s treatment appointment.
  • If your child has allergies or a stuffy nose, we ask that you give them their allergy medicine or a decongestant prior to their appointment. This is important as the nitrous oxide is inhaled and if their little noses are stuffy, they won’t be able to breath in the happy gas.
  • If they are on any medications on a regular basis, their routine schedule should stay the same unless specified by one of the doctors.
  • All patients that are 17 and under will be required to have a parent/legal guardian present for treatment; no exceptions

In addition to following these guidelines, there are several things that you as parents can do to help your child’s appointment be a success. Children can sense if a parent is nervous about a procedure and will listen to any comments that are made about their appointment. We ask for our parents to be silent observers. Please try to be positive and reassuring with your child. Please avoid jokes about shots and drills. We don’t tell our little patients that they are getting a shot. We say that we are using some sleepy juice to make the tooth go to sleep and they rarely even know that they have gotten a shot. We also ask that you not make this appointment feel like a punishment for getting a cavity. Rather, we ask that you help your child with their home care so that future cavities can be prevented.

Sometimes complications arise and treatment appointments that are not completed will have an office visit charge of $75.00. Rescheduling, canceling, or failing to show up for your appointment without 48 BUSINESS HOUR NOTICE will we result in the loss of your deposit. 

With your help we know your child will do great during his/her nitrous appointment and together we can keep their visits to our office happy ones. We hope these tips help and encourage you to contact us if you ever have questions about your child’s care.