Thank you for choosing Winter Garden Smiles to schedule your dental care needs.  To help make your visit run smoothly we have added some tips for a successful first visit. 

Before your appointment

  1. Provide your dental insurance information– Our team will begin to verify your dental insurance 1-2 days prior to your visit.  Verifying your insurance before your appointment helps eliminate any delays to your appointment time. If we have any questions about your insurance, we will contact you before your scheduled visit. If you have any questions in regard to your insurance contact our office or your insurance provider for more details.  
  2. Save time by completing your forms online- Electronic forms are located on this link:  

New Patient Forms Link 

  1. Request previous X-RAYS- During your initial appointment we will need your dental x-rays for the doctors to complete your exam. If you have visited a dental office within the past 5 years you may have taken a Panoramic, FMX, or Bitewing x-rays. Most insurance DO NOT cover FMX and Panoramic x-rays every year. Only Bitewing x-rays are typically covered every year. You may request your x-rays to be sent to our office e-mail directly: [email protected].  

Day of your appointment

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment- Give yourself enough time to complete your forms and familiarize yourself with our office.

      2. Dental visit– During your visit we will complete the following:

              *Comprehensive dental/periodontal exam–  Your doctor and hygienists will review your medical and                   dental history as well as examine your teeth, gums, and mouth.    

               *Create your custom dental plan- Your treatment plan will address any problems that are bothering                  you now and may also identify others that could impact your long-term oral health. Our goal is                          preventing small issues from getting bigger and more expensive in the long run.

Our doctors and dental team are here for you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and simply give us a ring. Our staff is excited to meet you!

Your dental health team,

Winter Garden Smiles