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What Teeth Say About Your Health


The human body and its systems are all related. The cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, skeletal and the others function simultaneously. It should then come as no surprise that your oral health is the looking glass into your overall body health.From the most common diagnosis to the most severe, your teeth say a lot about your health.

As a result, your local winter garden dentist can also help flag any concerns.


  • Periodontitis, an inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, typically causes bone loss and loosening of the teeth. Over the years, there has been much debate over its correlation to heart disease.
  • Your local winter garden dentist can also detect oral cancer. In your dentist appointments, x-rays are usually conducted. During an examination dentists search for any signs of oral cancer present. Should there be any indication of oral cancer, they will inform you immediately.


  • Consistent headaches are another thing that can be influence by oral health. If you’re constantly stressed, anxious or even depressed, you may grind your teeth at night causing pressure. Though it is easily fixed by using a custom fit mouth guard at night, if left unattended it can damage your teeth.



Most dramatic oral concerns seen in eating-disordered conditions arise from self-induced vomiting. The common effect of chronic regurgitationof gastric contents is smooth erosion of the lingual surfacesof the upper teeth. Patients may experience severe thermal sensitivity, or the margins of restorations on posterior teeth may appear higher then adjacent tooth structure.


We are all on the pursuit of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Be sure to maintain regular dentist appointments and good practices when considering the care of your teeth. Be sure to:

  • Brush at least two times a day
  • Use floss daily
  • Visit your local dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exams


It may be the deciding factor on whether a doctor appointment is necessary.

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