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Halloween Candy Buy Back

Winter Garden Dentist, Winter Garden DentalWhen September rolled around the corner, you were probably shocked that within the first week, plastic bats and spiders were being posted and hung in a grocery or convenience store near you.  Soon enough, the short statues of creepy witches with glowing eyes started appearing.  It wasn’t before long until bags of candy began filling up the aisles.  Assorted bags of Twix bars, Reese’s cups, Hershey Kisses, lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, Kit-Kat bars, and everything your sweet tooth could ever dream of adorned the shelves.  You knew Halloween was around the corner, and in order to avoid last-minute price increases and make sure you had enough for all of the kids in the neighborhood, you bought several bags of candy—with one or two you planned to keep for yourself.

But now, Halloween has passed, and you have more candy left over than intended.  Your teeth are aching a little bit more than usual after eating so much sugar (it might be time to make an appointment with your Winter Garden Dentist) , and you would like to avoid binging on the bags in your pantry.  Furthermore, you know your kids don’t need any more sugar.  So, what now?

Halloween Candy Buy Back!

Winter Garden Dentist, Winter Garden DentalAt Winter Garden Smiles, we decided to partner with the Halloween Candy Buy Back program to help support our troops.  For each pound of candy brought to the office, we will give back $1.00 (up to five pounds).  All of the candy and sweet treats collected will be sent to our beloved troops serving our country in the military.  The Halloween Candy Buy Back at our office is a great event for the community to get together, to foster support for those in the United States military, and give your teeth a break from the all the sugar in your favorite treats.   The dates to bring your candy to our office are November 1st, 4th, and 5th.  Be sure to save the date and mark it on your calendar!

For any questions you have about our practice participating in this event, visit our website.  Also, if you find that your teeth need a good cleaning post-Halloween candy binging, feel free to give our Winter Garden Dentist a call at 407-614-5955 and schedule an appointment today.

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